This is to PREORDER your Hatch-A-Tortoise. These will not be shipped until May when the next set of eggs are hatching. These are some of my first eggs hatching of the year so reserve your spot and be one of the first ones to hatch your own tortoise in 2021! Since this is a preorder I will be offering them slightly discounted due to the wait. I normally never put these on sale.

How would you like to witness a new life being born? With hatch-a-tortoise you can now! You’ll be shipped a sulcata tortoise egg right before it starts hatching. The egg will be 100% fertile and fully developed. Before shipping every egg is confirmed alive by checking it’s heart beat by using a heart rate monitor. Upon receiving the egg it will start hatching in one of the following days, or even that day. Watch the baby tortoise break through the egg and see it take its first breath of life. With my expertise in hatching tortoises I will help you through the simple process of caring for a hatching/hatched baby tortoise. Hatch-a-tortoise will be shipped to your doorstep via FedEx overnight shipping the very next morning and will also be available for local pickup in Las Vegas, Nv.

Anyone who orders will get a hatch guide, care sheet, my email and number for help and my availability to answer any questions. I will help answer any questions before, during and after the hatch! You can even FaceTime during the hatch for help it you have any questions. Even after hatching you’ll have my lifetime of support. This is something I offer to all customers who buy a tortoise from me.

EGGS WILL NOT SHIP UNTIL READY. This is to ensure the eggs will hatch within a few days upon arrival.

Hatch-A-Tortoise (Sulcata) PREORDER

  • On orders for tortoises you must select NEXT DAY shipping or local pickup.