Captive Bred

Here at Sin City Reptiles we feel it is important to provide captive bred reptiles, and not wild caught. Here is why:

Wild caught animals are normally carrying several parasites. This can make them more lethargic, have less of an appetite and also be less healthy than a captive bred one. If you purchase a wild caught animal, you are taking away from the wild population; diminishing their numbers and furthering the risk of endangering that species. By captive breeding, you are not taking any animals from their habitat in the wild and depleting their population. Also, you will be getting a healthier animal; that wont be carrying any diseases or parasites. Wild caught animals are usually much more shy and less interactive than captive bred ones. A captive bred animal will be used to and raised with human interaction its whole life. Overall, wild caught animals potentially will be more lethargic, can have less of an appetite(due to parasites and being less healthy), and are generally less interactive.

This is why here at Sin City Reptiles we aim to produce and sell captive bred tortoises for you.

Sulcata, Russian, Redfoot, Yellowfoot, Eastern Hermanns and more soon to come! Be on the lookout!

Tortoises we breed

Here is a list of tortoises that we breed: